Andrew Santino Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Weight & Wife

Andrew Santino is a Stand-up comedian, Actor and Podcaster. Andrew Santino has a Net Worth of $5 Million in 2024. Andrew Santino studied at Columbia College in Chicago. Besides that, Andrew Santino performed in different clubs in Chicago and gained a Huge fan Following in local clubs.

As a Stand-up comedian, Andrew Santino sold out shows in many cities across the United States. Andrew Santino has also released two comedy specials, “Homefield Advantage” and “Redemption Song,” contributing to Santino’s wealth.

About Andrew Santino:

Andrew Santino rose to fame due to his unique, humorous, and likeable personality. Santino has appeared in many TV shows and movies in the local Area of the United States. Besides that, Andrew Santini used to do a podcast named Whisky Ginger, where he entertained people with his friends. However, podcasts have a significant contribution to his revenue, as Andrew Santino interacts with different listeners and sells his work.

Santino has an entrepreneurship mentality. Due to this, he has made many successful real estate ventures; however, to some extent, his wealth has increased because of these assets.

Andrew Santino Educational Journey:

During their high school time in Naperville, Andrew Santino was interested in a stand-up comedy, which he began performing in local schools. Andrew put his comedy stage aside to attend Arizona State University, But he came back to the stage after the completion of his studies.

Andrew Santino’s Educational journey played a more significant role in his comedy career because he used to hold the stage and make people aware of his stand-up comedy performance at the time of school.

Andrew Santino Net Worth
Andrew Santino Net Worth

Andrew Santino Net Worth:

Right Now, in 2024, Andrew Santino has an impressive net worth of $7 million, according to our deep research. Andrew Santino’s net worth contributes to the different businesses and ventures he created in his career. Some of his Financial Success comes from real estate, stand-up comedy, acting, podcasting, and other successful ventures.

Andrew Santino Home, Cars, and Lifestyle:

We all know celebrities live luxurious lives, but Andrew Santino is known for his humble personality. He owns and lives a lavish lifestyle, which some of us only dream of. Andrew has a beautiful and luxurious house in Los Angeles, California, with high-end finishing. Santino house contains large furnished bedrooms, a maintained kitchen, and a gym as well.

However, Being a successful comedian and entertainer, Andrew Santino owns Luxury cars on the market, which include Tesla Models and Mercedes S class.

Andrew Santino Wife:

Andrew Santino Kept his relationship private for many years, and both can’t confirm the official relationship. Santino talked about his personal life in a public interview but didn’t disclose the name of his wife. Andrew Santino hinted that he has been married to his best friend since 2015.

Some of the sources say that Daniel Brooks is the wife of Andrew Santino but on the other side, some other sources say that Sarah Bolger is the wife of Andrew Santino.

Andrew Santino Age, Height and Weight:

Andrew Santino has an attractive height of  6 feet 1 inch, which most people like. However, Andrew Santino’s weight is 73 Kg, Which is an Average weight compared to height. He will be just 40 years old in 2024. Andrew Santino maintained his body fit for a long time. He didn’t talk about his fitness anywhere because he didn’t want to reveal his fitness routine, but his physique showed commitment to daily fitness exercise.

Santino Source of Incomes:

Andrew Santino has many Income ventures that contribute to his net worth, which are given below.

One of them is a Live performance on a stage which impacts a massive income in his net worth due to his energetic performance and related comedy content during a live show.

Santino also appears in many television shows, sometimes beyond the screen and sometimes upfront in drama and movies, which also earns him a paycheck and Increases his wealth.

Andrew Santino was also doing a live Podcast named Whiskey Ginger which led to sponsorship help in the Current Net worth of Andrew Santino.

Andrew Santino Net Worth
Andrew Santino Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions:

What TV shows and movies has Andrew Santino appeared in?

Andrew Santino is known for his roles in various TV shows and movies, including “Dave,” “The Disaster Artist,” “I’m Dying Up Here,” “Mixology,” and “Sin City Saints.”

What is Andrew Santino’s net worth?

As of 2024, Andrew Santino’s estimated net worth is $6 million. His earnings come from his work as a stand-up comedian and actor in TV shows and movies, as well as his podcast “Whiskey Ginger.”

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We have concluded that Andrew Santino is one of the most likable comedians, performers, and talented comedians in the industry. He was well known due to his unique comedy and style. His Professional career and Personality Inspired many individuals to pursue their careers as comedians.

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