Eric Persson Net Worth & Maverick Gaming’s Net Worth 2024


When it comes to businesses, you are supposed to take risks. Whether you’ll ace it or learn a lesson, it won’t be wrong if we say he turned the business world upside down. He’s been in the spotlight for quite a few years.

Yes, you got it right. A journey of continuous struggles, determination, and hard work resulted in the form of Eric Persson, a well-known American Businessman and the co-founder and CEO of Maverick Gaming. But the accomplishments don’t stop here; Eric is all about acing the other field, too. Eric has played jaw-dropping games in the field of Poker for the past few years.

Who Is Eric Persson?

This world created quite a few poker personalities, but only a few hold the position as astoundingly as Eric. Persson is very well known for participating in a cash game poker, with such a huge amount worth $1,978,000.So it’s not only about poker but also about a successful businessman and owner building a gaming empire known as “Maverick Gaming,” worth around $ 1 billion. He knows how to own good challenges and always keeps his word.

Eric Persson Net Worth
Eric Persson Net Worth

Eric Persson Net Worth:

Being a star, a prominent figure in the business and the poker world, fame makes everybody curious about financial stability. Providing a solution, we revealed the true words: Eric holds an astonishing net worth of around $500 million in 2023.

With a strong foundation of shares and investments in different businesses such as NetEnt and huge gaming properties across Nevada, Colorado, and Washington. So, he doesn’t earn only from a single source, there are multiple sources, and if we include everything, so, in a nutshell, it’s simply the estimated worth of $ 1.2 billion, and he is considered one of the wealthiest people in Sweden.

Maverick Gaming’s Net Worth:

Maverick Gaming was founded by the only Eric person and some of his friends in 2017 when they all brought in their 30+ years of experience in the gaming world. Maverick Gaming is so close to achieving a position where it could stand as a $5 billion powerhouse in the upcoming years. Their current worth is hovering around $1billion. Maverick Gaming is moving steadily towards its goals, and Eric holds the position of owner and CEO. The firm is attaching its footprints to the casino industry.

Eric Persson’s Early Life:

The growth starts in the early stages, so it feels necessary for those inspired by Eric Persoon’s personality to read about his early life. His life is truly extraordinary, not only for his fans but also for everyone who wants to be inspired by him. He is from Hoquiam, Washington, close to the Shoalwater Bay Indian Nation, a community he cherishes way too much. His journey toward success is full of determination and remarkable achievements.

Eric Persson’s Education:

Eric was Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1947. , Eric is the son of Erling Persson, the visionary founder of the renowned retail giant H&M. Following his father’s passing in 1982, Eric assumed the role of leading the family business. Under his stewardship, H&M became a global powerhouse with an impressive network of over 4,000 stores worldwide.

While his business acumen is remarkable, his generous philanthropic contributions shine most brightly. Eric has generously donated millions to support education and the arts. Fast forward to 2023, at 73, Eric’s legacy continues to flourish. His academic journey led him to the University of Stockholm, where he graduated with a degree in economics and finance.

Eric Persson entered the game industry after graduating from law school. He began his career in a casino in Topeka, Kansas, then progressed to West Virginia and Las Vegas casinos. His most recent position was as corporate vice president of slot operations at Las Vegas Sands, where the firm enjoyed significant growth. He owns Maverick Gaming, which operates over 30 casinos and regularly participates in the world’s largest cash game shows.

Eric Persson’s Career:

Persson formerly served as a Senior Vice President at Las Vegas Sands Corporation and as the President and COO of Azure Gaming before founding Maverick Gaming. He attributes his success to the teachings of millionaires such as Sheldon Adelson and others, who taught him how to convert his dreams into reality. He began playing poker at 18 while studying, and now he has been playing cash game poker for nearly 30 years.

Persson and his business partner, Justin Beltram, founded Maverick Gaming in 2017 by purchasing their first casinos in West Wendover, Nevada.

Although he initially ventured into a career in finance, his passion for poker took centre stage. Just imagining Eric as a young child already so certain that his future would be in gaming. He also funded most of his education by playing Poker games with his exceptional talent.

He got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1998. Yet, Eric’s entrepreneurial spirit extends far beyond the world of poker. He co-founded Minecraft, a tech giant, and now serves as the CEO of Mojang, the company behind the wildly popular video game.

Eric Persson’s Wife & Kids:

Eric Persson is married to Ann Chung, with whom he has been married for almost 16 years. They have two kids from their marriage, Maverick and Ace, and Eric has two girls from a previous marriage. Anjelique Persson and Anjelinna Faythe, another daughter, Ann Chung, is a partner of VeritasFayThe Inc., founded on October 9, 2009. Eric called his game firm Maverick after one of his sons. The family currently resides in Las Vegas.

Eric Persson’s Age & Height:

Eric is a slim build person with a height of 5 ft 9in. He was born in 1970, and he’s currently in his post-40s. We can’t declare it as something exact; some say it’s 45, and some say 49. He has very pretty brown hair and very rare blue eyes.

Eric Persson’s Social Media:

Eric Persson Net Worth
Eric Persson Net Worth


Does Eric Persson own casinos?

From 2001 to 2017, I worked my way up from an employee to Senior Vice President of Slot Marketing and Operations at Las Vegas Sands Corp. Eric currently manages 26 casinos in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

Who is the founder of Maverick Gaming?

Maverick Gaming™ is majority-owned and was founded in 2017 by gaming industry veterans Eric Persson, who previously served as Global Senior Vice President of Slots at Las Vegas Sands Corporation, and Justin Beltram, former Vice President of Slots at Bellagio and Marina Bay Sands.

Is Eric Persson a winning player?

While he doesn’t play tournaments, he has won and lost millions playing live-streamed and televised cash game poker. That included losing the largest-ever televised pot, nearly $2 million, to Patrik Antonius.

How do I contact Maverick Gaming?

Maverick Gaming contact info: Phone number: (800) 936-3683 Website:


In short, Eric’s life can be an example of dreaming something and doing your best to achieve it. He did his best, and his remarkable achievements make him well-known in business and gaming. The lesson for everyone is to do your best to fulfil your goals. Pave your way through every hardship and suffering, and stay consistent.

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